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It is very unlucky for you if you caught in the rain and you don’t have any choice but to stay at your hotel’s room and wait for the rain to stop before you can go out. You have this feeling that you want to go out or do something else just to kill the boredom that you are feeling now. Actually, there will be a lot of things that you could do with your family or even with your friends to kill the time and waiting for the chance for the rain to stop or the chance that you can finally go out and have a fun vacation outside the hotel. Staying in a room of the Sedona Hotel could actually give you more ideas to make your stay even more memorable. Here are the sample lists of the things that you might consider doing when you are stuck in your hotel room during the trip or vacation you are having.  


  1. If you have any board games with you. You can actually play with it to kill the time and have fun playing it with your friends. You could also have the card games. Some hotels are offering entertainment place where you can borrow some board games or any sports equipment that you can actually play in their spare room.   
  2. Those are some games that will require equipment or tools in order to play that. There are also a lot of great ideas that you could think as an alternative to board games. Charade is a common game being played by not only adults but also of different ages. You could have also the game Simon says or bring me something.  
  3. If you want something that is very exciting and more challenging. Then, you could play pillow fight with your family members or friends and even co-workers. This will give them a good exercise as they need to exert great effort and make them even energize throughout the time. Make sure that the pillow that you are going to use here is soft and not easily being damaged.  
  4. Being creative in a way that you can make an animal structure using the towels available in your room. This is a good practice for younger kids to improve their mental skills and ability.  
  5. If there is a free internet connection available in your hotel. As long as you have your laptop and even your phone or iPad. Then, you can go online and watch movies, videos or even go online and chat with your friends using the chatting applications you have on your gadget.  
  6. You can read books or magazines and even newspapers. It will help you to kill time and have a good reading habit at the same time.  
  7. You can check for the menu and order some food. This will give you the chance to try their foods and you can eat while watching a movie or a TV show.  
  8. You can sleep and get enough rest. This will conserve you more energy and be ready for the next activity.  


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Car Tinting Laws to Follow In Perth  

If you live in Perth and you want to get your car tinted, you have to realize that there are certain laws that you have to comply with or you’ll face hefty fines. This is especially important for people who are willing to buy a do-it-yourself car tint package and install them on their own.  

Car Tinting

For drivers in Perth and Western Australia in general, there are car tints that you can use and cannot use. It’s necessary to understand the elements behind this so you won’t get apprehended. You also have to keep the specification sheet that comes with the film that you bought as it can help you in proving that you’re complying with the law.  

Car Tinting Law Western Australia  

Anywhere in Australia you may be, the maximum percentage allowed when it comes to car window tint is 35%. Installing a film with 35% Visible Light Transmission percentage is legal. But if you go even a dot higher than that, police officers may stop you and ask more about your car tint. However, that’s not everything you need to know. There are a few more things that are enforced and they are the following: 

  1. The 35% VLT is applicable only for front side windows. 

While 35% VLT is acceptable, it only is for the two front side windows. For the rear side window and the rear window, the maximum allowed is 20% VLT. You have to remember these values if you intend to buy and install car films on your own.  

  1. You can’t cover the entire windshield with film.

You may install a strip of film only on the top of the windshield and not on all of it. Only 10% of the windshield can be covered, starting from the top. It’s okay to go lower than 10% but never beyond it. As a rule of thumb, the top strip must not touch the top arcs of the wipers. And to be on the safe side, don’t go beyond the allowed 35% VLT either.  

  1. Other rules may be applicable in other Australian territories. 

These car tinting laws are applicable only in Western Australia, particularly in Perth. If you live somewhere else, these laws may not be applicable to you. Specifically learn about the car tinting laws in your locality to be on the safe side. This also goes true for drivers who intend to drive across the country.  

How to Get The Right Tint  

To get the right window film for your car, you have to know about the technicalities surrounding visible light transmission. But if you really want to be sure that you’re complying with Perth’s car window tinting laws, the best thing to do is to contact a reputable service provider instead.  

Qualified service providers know what the applicable laws are and they have full understanding of VLT and related concepts. With their help, you can never go wrong. You may enjoy pimping up your ride but since there laws involved when it comes to car window tinting, it’s best that you leave the job to the experts.  


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