If you think that you can clean your air ducts yourself, you are gravely mistaken. This is one job that you should let the pros do, or you will be risking your own health and that of your family in the process. Air ducts are part of the HVAC systems and unless you fully understand how that system works, then you’re better off delegating the job to the professionals.  

Air Ducts

There are actually two main steps to air duct cleaning and it should be carried out in a meticulous manner in order to get your air ducts immaculately clean. These two steps are as follows:  

  1. Contaminant Handling

The main reason why you can’t clean your air ducts yourself is because it is filled with contaminants. These contaminants, when handled improperly, will mix into the air and cause coughing seizures. Worse, you’ll experience difficulty in breathing and would end up in a hospital.  

The professionals know how to properly handle and break up these contaminants so they could be collected accordingly and not mix into the air that you breathe. When we talk about contaminants, we’re actually pertaining to dusts, mites, pet dander, and similar stuff. State-of-the-art equipment is used to push these contaminants towards the main air duct where they can be safely collected and removed from your home.  

  1. Contaminant Collection 

Once the contaminants have been pushed to the main air duct, a trailer-mounted air duct power vacuum will be connected to one of its holes.  This high power vacuum will suck all the dirt, debris, and dust from the air duct and into the machine’s reservoir. That’s basically how air ducts should be cleaned. The contaminants have to be removed from your home using an exit that won’t risk an exposure to any family member, including pests.  

Professional air duct cleaners should use the biggest and the strongest devices to remove these contaminants. The bigger their equipment is, the more efficient it performs. And that’s what you want for your family because you want every contaminant to be removed, or else they will combine in the air that you breathe and may cause serious health concerns.  

How to Choose an Air Duct Cleaning Company  

There are many service providers that offer air duct cleaning services and you should only deal with the most reputable ones. If they can offer different services at the same time, then that’s an even better deal. When it comes to air ducts, there are simply a lot of things that have to be checked. You surely want the same professionals that cleaned your ducts to give the entire system a thorough inspection to be sure that there are no holes or leaks in it.  

The company you choose should provide air duct cleaning, inspection, deodorizing, and sealing services. It’s best if they also offer dryer duct cleaning services. Browse through all your options for air duct cleaning Sterling Heights twp and thoroughly check each one. Be sure that you’re dealing only with trusted service providers.